5 Dogs Creek Cowboy Action Shooters Monthly Matches are the 1st Sunday of the month, and also the preceding Saturday (same weekend) usually starting at 9 am in winter or 8:30 am (summer).

WINTER HOURS: Registration office opens at 8:00 am. Please register no later than 8:45 am
Mandatory shooter’s meeting at 9 am.
Match begins immediately following the shooter’s meeting.

SUMMER HOURS: Registration office opens at 7:30 am. Please register no later than 8:15 am
Mandatory shooter’s meeting at 8:30 am.
Match begins immediately following the shooter’s meeting.

Each day is a separate match. Sometimes there is a work party on Saturday the week before. We use SASS rules. We usually shoot 5 or 6 stages per day, with an average of 24 shots per; so bring at least 60 rounds for your single action revolvers, 60 rounds for your lever action rifle, and 30-50 shells for your shotgun. Per Day. More is better. Don’t forget your ear plugs & protective glasses. Protective glasses are required. (Sunglasses ok). Daily match fees are $20 and members get a $5 discount to $15. Due to insurance requirements, NRA membership is required for all 5 Dogs Creek members. (Scroll down for discount rate)

We don’t break for lunch, so bring a meal or a snack & eat when you’re hungry. You’re going to want to bring water or gatorade or something to drink too. Hot dogs ($3) are sometimes available for a short while about noon up at the yellow range house. Good, but you have to be really alert to get ’em while they are available. Being lucky helps too. You should probably bring a lunch or snack just so you don’t go hungry. Free camping the nights before the regular monthly matches. Sometimes we like to have a potluck dinner or movie night outdoors. :-) We do like to have a good time, so be prepared to be friendly!

If you are new or even sort of new to Cowboy Action shooting, we encourage you to come out and watch a Saturday match, and talk to our “Sheriff” so he can walk you through the safety check after the match. Then you can shoot the Sunday match with us if you are ready. Even if you are an experienced shooter you will likely pick up some good tips. We try to make this worthwhile time for you, and we are really big on safety. We have a great safety record. We want you to come back!

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For insurance reasons, NRA membership is a requirement of 5DC membership. Any questions- contact Sunshine Kid, NRA recruiter

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The 5 Dogs Creek Cowboy Action Shooters meet at:
(This is NOT our mailing address, see the membership page or current newsletter for mailing address)
5 Dogs Creek Shootin’ Range
20238 Woody Road
Bakersfield, CA 93308

How to contact the range management: (not our club, but the range itself):
Range Headquarters Phone: (661) 399-7296
Range HQ FAX: (661) 399-8183
The range is closed Tues, Wed & Thursday, so don’t expect the phone to be answered those days.
The range is open from Sunup to Sundown the other days. More info at the range website.
If you have a question about our Cowboy Action Club you can Email Club Info or check the newsletters for info. 5 Dogs Creek encourages you to join SASS, and support your rights by joining your choice of the NRA and/or a freedom-oriented political organization local to you.
Calif Rifle & Pistol Association
2nd Amendment Foundation a human right

Five Dogs Range has a lot to offer:

Nearly 200 acres at 5 Dogs is dedicated to live fire shooting.
In addition to our Cowboy Action Shooting range (special membership required), 5 Dogs Range (not us) also offers:

High Power Rifle Range
* Benches and shades
* Target stands from 25 to 100 yards
* Steel targets and life size steel silhouettes of deer, antelope and other game animals to 550 yds

Pistol Range
* Benches and shades
* Target stands at 15, 25 and 100 yds
* Steel targets that swing or ring when hit from 15 to 150 yds

.22 Rim Fire Range
* Benches and shades
* Steel targets that swing or ring when hit from 25 to 150 yds

Shotgun Range
* Hand cocked throwers
* Clay targets available by the case or individually

Sporting Clays Trail
* 10 stations
* By appointment only- reserve with credit card

Archery Range