Experienced Shooter Orientation

Welcome to 5 Dogs Creek !!! If you are reading this, you may be an experienced CAS shooter but new to our club. (If you are a new shooter please click here) We largely follow standard SASS rules, but in our experience every range has some local standards and conditions that may be a little different. This information is our effort to help orient you to our range. Of course, safety is ALWAYS our first concern. We consider EVERY shooter a safety officer. It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure we have a safe, fun match.

We follow the SASS standards for when revolvers may be drawn, and for when rounds may be inserted into the chamber or carrier of a shotgun. We are, however, very strict about moving with a loaded gun. If the action is closed on a shotgun or there is a live round under the hammer of a rifle or revolver, then at least one foot must be stationary.

Most of our bays encourage lateral movement, so please be especially careful not to break the 170 degree rule.

We do not have any local rules restricting tie down holsters. Cross draws must not have more than a 30 degree angle from the vertical when worn.

We require the action of all long guns be kept open except at the loading table or when actually shooting a stage.

Eye protection is MANDATORY. Hearing protection is highly recommended.

At all times, one member of your posse must be designated to observe individuals at the loading table. This should not be somebody who is in the process of loading or who has already loaded. All shooters are expected to be monitored while they are loading.

After shooting a stage, all shooters must be verified empty at the unloading table before they leave the bay. You will be expected to show ALL guns to the unloading officer.

When somebody yells out “Down range” and proceeds down range, it is okay to continue loading and unloading at the designated tables. Firearms should ALWAYS be pointed into the berms while loading/unloading.

Our stages do not always specify locations for staging your guns. Determining the best way to stage your guns is up to you. Before you shoot, feel free to confirm your approach with the R.O. However, all safety issues must be considered when you place your firearms and any unsafe handling will be penalized appropriately.

Re-shoots will only be allowed in the event of a stage malfunction. Shooter or firearm malfunctions do not warrant a re-shoot.

If any stage asks you to perform an action that you feel is beyond your physical ability or experience level, please discuss it with your R.O. We can always find a way to modify the stage instructions so you can participate safely and comfortably.

When not actually shooting a stage, everybody is expected to pitch in and help run the posse. Many hands make light work.

We do not break for lunch. It is always a good idea to carry a snack and drinks in your cart. Our summers are just plain HOT…be sure to drink plenty of water.

Our stage designs often refer to Arizona or Nevada sweeps. By Arizona Sweep we mean five shots on three targets – each target must be engaged at least once; shooters option for the other two rounds. Nevada Sweep is to sweep from one end of a row of targets to the other and back without double tapping.

We are pleased that you’ve chosen to join us for this match. We hope you will have a great time and want to come back again and again. If you have any questions, your posse leader or most any of our regular club members will be delighted to help out.

Be safe….have fun !!!

The 5 Dogs Creek Town Council