New Shooter Orientation

If you are new to Cowboy Action Shooting, you will be expected to complete a new shooter orientation before shooting your first match at 5 Dogs Creek. Even shooters experienced in other disciplines benefit from this orientation, since many of the procedures for CAS differ from other types of competition. (If you are an experienced Cowboy Action Shooter please click here)

Our usual shooter orientation is done individually or in very small groups on Saturday of our match weekend. Our objective is to make certain you have a pleasant introduction to 5 Dogs Creek and are prepared to safely complete your first match.

TO SCHEDULE YOURSELF FOR ORIENTATION: call in advance to make arrangements with our “Sheriff”  Send Email to the Sheriff. The Sheriff will tailor the below four-step process to your individual needs.

Step 1: Arrive at the range at mid-morning (or earlier if you’d like) and observe a posse as they complete one or more stages. This is your chance to observe the process from introduction of the scenario to final scoring, including the various safety procedures and different jobs involved in running a posse.

Step 2: Shortly after the last posse finishes (usually around 2:00 PM), the sheriff or his deputy will walk you through an orientation checklist. This orientation covers general range rules, equipment, safety procedures, shooting a course of fire and plenty of time for your questions. Depending on the size of the group and their experience, this step lasts for 30 – 60 minutes.

Step 3: Live fire demonstration. Under the supervision of the sheriff or his deputy, you will be expected to shoot one of the scenarios from the day’s match. Don’t worry, you aren’t being judged on speed or accuracy…this is simply a demonstration that you are able to load, shoot a course of fire, and unload in a safe manner.

Plan on firing a minimum of 10 pistol rounds, 10 rifle rounds and 6 shotgun shells. If you don’t have all of your equipment yet…that’s fine. This is a great opportunity to sample some stages before investing in your final equipment purchases. Loaners are typically available if you let us know in advance what you need to borrow.

At the successful conclusion of Step 3, you will be signed off as ready for your first match. You are free to practice the rest of the afternoon on the range. (Sometimes a bunch of friendly cowboys will gather around and encourage you to try their favorite guns.)

Step 4: Shoot your first match…typically on Sunday morning. Let the nice folks at the sign-in desk know you have completed orientation and are shooting your first match. We’ll be sure to assign you to a posse with some good coaches to ensure you have a successful day.

Be Safe…..Have Fun