News Oct 2023

This was a fun Labor Day weekend with a great turnout! Much joy & laughter. Weather is getting really nice now. A lot of folks camped at the range for the weekend starting on Friday and some stayed over until Monday.
Many people tried shooting in the Gunfighter style. Something new.
Friday evening was appetizers & Saturday at 6pm was a full-on Pot Luck dinner. Everything was so yummy!
Not everyone understands when I say; “There is nothing so peaceful as a shooting range”. I mean it. 5 Dogs Creek is such a great place to spend a weekend. If you’re reading this, I bet you know what I’m talking about!
And someone was awarded with a very high honor this weekend! If you weren’t there, you’ll just have to open your newsletter comes to find out!
There was a Town Council meeting on Saturday afternoon.┬áSaturday afternoon there was a “Getting Started with Wild Bunch” seminar & mini-match. Also fun!
And the Ladies had a “She-Bang” planning meeting that sort of migrated into a Dominoes game, or something like that. I was keeping score for the Wild Bunch match, so wasn’t watching the Ladies too closely to know for sure what was going on over there, but it included some happy sounds.

5DC The Howler OCTOBER 2023