4 thoughts on “News June 2013 We have a new Mayor!

  1. On a different note, I would like to that all of you how signed and left anote to my Son, “Deadly Dick. SASS #48830L” at the state shootout. He received the little note book and appreciated it greatly !! He graduated from BCT (Basic Combat Training) in Ft Jackson, S.C. on 06/20/13. Instead of going on to Ft Esuts, VA. for his advanced training he is home w/us on a 30 convalescence leave due to a broken left foot !! He returns to Ft Jackson on 07/18/13 for re-evaluation and reassignment. He is in good spirits and in good health ( other than being “broken” as he puts it !).
    Once again, thanks………………Limpy

  2. Well . . . our thanks to the ‘Mad Trapper’ ( and the ‘Rose’) for their service to the club !! Trapper, I hope the foot is coming along OK! And to Utah Blaine . . . our wishes go along with you in the performance of the duties of Mayor !! The State shoot was once again excellent……….I know you folks can do it again !! It is hard to support you all from up here…….but if prayers and good vibs help any……..you have many !!!!!!
    We will see you folks at “She Bang” !!

  3. Howdy from the oven they call Glendale, Arizona.. got all moved in and mostly unpacked.. seein’ as the house we bought is 25 years old, there are plenty of projects to keep me busy for awhile. Have to say I do miss the matches with all you friends there at 5 Dogs. Still recovering from my surgery and haven’t had the time to check out the local range or clubs yet. Will probably have to practice rifle and shotgun left-handed until next year when I am supposedly ‘healed’. Probably by then will be totally left-handed.
    Will check in ever’ now and then and keep up on the monthly newsletter. If anyone’s trail takes them out this way, the rach is always open to visitors and the coffee is always hot.

    Till another Time

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