Scores 2004 Annual

Congratulations to the
5 Dogs Creek Calif State Championship Winners
October 2004

Mens Traditional
Lead Dispenser Durde Dugan Taggart
Mens Duelist
Powder Bags Tie Long Mojave Jack

Men Modern

Long Swede Dastardly Dave Muleskinner Pat
Mens Senior
T.L. Sudden Smoke Parnell
Mens 49er
China Camp Swifty Swede Tex Fiddler
Mens Senior Duelist
O.T. Hutch Diamond Dick Rowdy Yates
Wild Root Red Haymaker Washo Kid
Roan Henry Wildcat John Midway
Frontier Cartridge
Lefty Eastman Cole Younger Sparks

Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Snakebite Frito Bandito Desert Dawg
Classic Cowboy
Chekahsah Joe Von Dutch Marshal Law
Elder Statesman
Choctaw Pitchfork Creek J.K. McNasty
Ladies Traditional
Bodie Rose Dixie Bell Montana Maggie Hunter
Ladies Duelist
Pepper Shot Ella Watson Calgary Kate
Ladies Modern
Sweetwater Lusty Lil Diamond Jay
Ladies Senior
Running Bear Paniolo Lady Stage Coach Sally
Ladies 49er
Jessie Montana Wild Bird Lady Hawk


Junior Boy
Badlands Bud Swifty McCoy Drew II
Junior Girl
Spendy Muny Little Fawn Deadeye Dani

The only shooter to shoot the match CLEAN was DIXIE BELL

Great Shooting Dixie Bell!

From the President of 5 Dogs Creek Cowboy Action Shooters: The disqualification of Stage 8 was due to a target malfunction, The proper procedure was followed in doing so. Several Territorial Governers were consulted with before this judgement was made. All efforts have been made to insure fairness for all involved.


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Long Range Scores

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