Shootout at 5 Dogs Creek 2013 State Championship of SASS Cowboy Action Shooting May 2-5 2013 Annual

Thanks everybody for helping

make this event such a great time! 


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12 Main Match Stages!                                       .
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  • Long range rifle; Lever action & single shot (must sign in no later than 10 a.m. Event starts earlier)
  • Speed side matches
  • Three Stage Plainsman
  • SPECIAL Side Match: “Running with the Big Dogs”
  • Four warm-up stages, 3 sessions (sign-up at match)
  • Movie night! Romantic Couples of the Silver Screen.
  • Howling Wolf Saloon (Must Register in Advance)
  • Shopping with quality vendors
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner available



  • Shooting
  • Six main match stages
  • Entertainment and other fun
  • Catered dinner included in entry fee
  • Entertainment
  • Howling Wolf Saloon
  • Shopping with quality vendors
  • Breakfast and lunch available


  • Shooting
  • Mandatory shooters meeting followed by six main match stages.
  • Entertainment and other fun
  • Catered dinner and entertainment included in entry fee.
  • Victorian uniform night. No contest…just showin’ off!
  • Howling Wolf Saloon
  • Shopping with quality vendors
  • Breakfast and lunch available




  • Shooting
  • Invitational Shoot-Off
  • Cowboy Church
  • Awards ceremony immediately after the shoot-off
  • Shopping with quality vendors
  • Breakfast and lunch available


*SASS Rules Apply. Must be a SASS member to shoot this match. Raw time scoring. Mail your registration before before April 10 to get the best deal. (But late entries are still welcome!) See Registration form for details.

Because of the need to manage posse flow, we cannot accommodate shoot-throughs. However if there are enough shooters to necessitate morning and afternoon relays, it may be possible to assign a shooter to both a morning and an afternoon posse on the same day.

*Interested in being a Vendor? Here is the Vendor application form for 2013.  Questions? Email the Vendor Wrangler  for details & signup. Other Calif events you may be interested in as a vendor.

Registered Shooter List

Sponsors – Personal & Corporate

Posse Assignments – Who are you shooting with?

Questions ->

2012 ShootBook (last years – for example only)pdf

2013 Vendor List

2013 Event Schedule 

Range Directions & Map

Nearby Hotels

Photos (upload yours too!)

The Howling Wolf Saloon is a lot of fun! Thurs- Sat! CLICK HERE for details & discounted early signup form

Howling Wolf Registration pdf form

Friday & Saturday Dinner & Entertainment is included with your shooter registration. Extra dinners for Friday and Saturday nights may be purchased with your registration. In order to provide an accurate head count to the caterer, dinner tickets must be purchased in advance.

For registration forms & info call  Email Registration Questions to The Mayor


If you have photos and are willing to share, we’d love to display your photos of this event!

Registered shooters will receive confirmation by email or mail.
Click HERE to see the list of Registered Shooters for this event.


In previous years Camp fires were permitted in the camping area but ONLY in a portable fire pit. We are not sure about this year yet. The policy LAST YEAR was:
Fires must be in a container that holds fire off the ground.
Must have a screen / spark arrestor above the fire.
Area beneath the fire unit must be cleared of grass, debris etc. Please be safe & responsible!


Montego would be happy to repair any website issues


10 thoughts on “Shootout at 5 Dogs Creek 2013 State Championship of SASS Cowboy Action Shooting May 2-5 2013 Annual

  1. 5 Dogs members have never let us down. Once again they provided us with an excellent and fun shootout.
    Thanks to each of your members who made the shootout so much fun, their efforts certainly paid off and you even provided the good weather.

    See you next year.

    Medicine Woman Wiki and Loose Latigo

  2. Another SASS California State Shoot is in the record books. I would like to say “Thank You” to every cowgirl and cowboy that attended this event. We hope you had a great time shootin’, visitin’, eatin’, dancin’, shoppin’, saloonin’…….!!

    To the shooters that couldn’t make it for various reasons…we missed you and wish you all well!

    A “Thank You” to all of the 5 Dogs members that worked so hard putting on a great match that didn’t get to shoot. The match could not have happened without your efforts! To the members that worked prior to the shoot and during the shoot but were able to shoot the match, “Thank You” also!

    Last but not least…CONGRATULATIONS to all awards recipients at the match! You shot straight, fast AND in order! :-)

    I hope to see you all again soon! I am already looking forward to next year!!

  3. Thinking of changing your alias to Anita Little Pie… no pie contest, but feel free to bake anyway and share with your good friends. :-p

  4. Any chance of buying pieces of delicious pie for dessert at the Shootout? Several years ago you did this as a fund raiser. It was terrific!

  5. Looking forward to another GREAT experience of shootin’, campin’, shoppin’ and dancin’. Eatin’, too.
    But I don’t know who else is comin’— the ‘Click Here’ function for registered shooters (Who’s Comin’) doesn’t
    work for me…..

  6. Looking forward to the State shoot in May and seeing our friends from Bakersfield and other areas!

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