Scores Oct 2015 – SHE BANG!

Scores October 03, 2015

Clean and Smooth SATURDAY

Badman Bob
Bones Brannon
Brandy Rose
Harry Morse
Kaweah Kid
M. C. Ryder
Mad Dog Draper
Miss Ann Laughitoff
Missouri Drifter
Sam Ootie

Final Overall Results – Main Match – Saturday, October 03, 2015PDFicon
Final Results by Category – Main Match – Saturday, October 03, 2015PDFicon
Individual Stage Results – Main Match – Saturday, October 03, 2015PDFicon
Clean and Smooth RevisedPDFicon

Clean and Smooth Sunday, October 04, 2015 Main Match

First I would like to thank all the ladies of 5 Dogs Creek for putting on SheBang 2015. Lap Dog for keeping everything in order, all the ladies that wrote the stages. All the ladies that sold the raffle tickets and brought the gifts to give away, decorated the range, did the scores and generally held it all together, and let’s not forget the great pies and food for the potluck. Thank You
The match on Sunday was rained out about 2 stages into the match, so it was decided that clean match dogs and a clean match would be given to all that were clean at the time the match was called off. There were no scores to report due to people being at different portions of the match when it was called off.
So here’s the list. If I miss or added someone by mistake, I offer my apologies ahead of time.

Aces and 18’s
Badman Bob
Buddy Love
Bull McFearson
Coyote Carson
Fordyce Beals
Geo Kid
Jim Bean
Kate Barlow
Lap Dog
Mad Dog Draper
Mad Trapper of Rat River
Panhandle Red
Tex Wayland
U K Dane
Utah Blaine
Harry Morse
Poison Oakley
Rebecca West
Kaweah Kid
Miss Ann Laughitoff
Miss Barah Lee Misditt
Sam Ootie
El Alacran Del Norte

Scores October 04, 2015. Sunday pdfPDFicon