Scores Calif State Championships at 5 Dogs Creek May 2013


Match Scores in rank order:

match finaltt Main Match 05032013

match finaltt Main Match 05032013Page2

match finaltt Main Match 05032013Page3

match finaltt Main Match 05032013Page4

match finaltt Main Match 05032013Page5

match finaltt Main Match 05032013Page6

Scores By Category:

Scores by Category Main Match 05032013

Scores by Category Main Match 05032013Page2

Scores by Category Main Match 05032013Page3

Scores by Category Main Match 05032013Page4

Scores by Category Main Match 05032013Page5

Scores by Category Main Match 05032013Page6

Scores by Category Main Match 05032013Page7

Clean Match Shooters:

Frederick Jackson Turner
Badmann Bob
Buddy Love
Chama Bill
Coyote Carson
Limpin’ Leroy
Molly Magoo
Mudhen Millie
Nasty Navarro
Ruthless Ray
Sgt Maj O’Donnell
Tool Box
Total clean shooters: 13

Clean Match Main Match 05032013

Stage Ranking – Top 7 shooters for each stage:

Stage Ranking Main Match 05032013

Stage Ranking Main Match 05032013Page2

Stage Ranking Main Match 05032013Page3

Side Match Scores



12 thoughts on “Scores Calif State Championships at 5 Dogs Creek May 2013

  1. First timer had a wonderful time. Our posse leader did a great job along with the rest of the posse 13. Would like to thank 5Dogs members for there warm welcome, they had everything you need to enjoy your self that week. Will return next year.
    Frank D Barrels

  2. GEEZZZZ, “now” . . . . I think I need a beer . . . . . . . . Limpy

  3. You mean you’ll be DOWN for She-Bang? :-) We’ll see what we can do about having some fun then too!

  4. Along w/Jim I would like to see side events…….long range in particular. Many credits to those that posted the regular match results soooo quickly! I have never worked in data processing, but I now it is now a walk in the park. Thanks again. . . . . . . Limpy

  5. Yep! You 5 Dog folks have gone and done it again. From the shooters point of view everything appeared to run flawlessly ! May have been some hic-ups but I sure did not see ’em ! Thanks again to all that put so much effort into this shoot. We will be done for She-Bang ! !

    Mr Mayor, I got out of there w/out giving you my check to sponser stage five next year. I will get that in the mail tomorrow.

    The food was GREAT ! Both Shriners RED COOK TEAM and the dinners. Look forward to next year !

    Limpin’ Leroy & Bonny Kate

  6. Had a wonderful time–Thanks to everybody for all your hard work–Can’t wait til next year (but definitely looking forward to seeing lots of people sooner) Thanks again!!

  7. Now this was a great match! Stages well thought out and mixed up just right.
    Great posse leader (14) Great help using two posse (13 & 14) which went very smooth
    and lots of water provided. Talk about a wonderful finish well Sunday was it and talk about
    speed (JW would be proud). We even had a Gunfighter painting the targets with the speed
    of lightning and the counters, score keeper and the rest of the crew my hats off to you!
    Thanks to all

  8. Wow..what a great time…And a GREAT job getting the scores out so fast!!!!

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