SHE-BANG Oct 6-7 2012

She-Bang! October 6-7 2012

Well dog my cats!! It’s time again for She-Bang! Join us for she-loads of fun at a kicked-up monthly match with shooting and she-nanigans hosted by the ladies of 5 Dogs Creek in Bakersfield.

* 5 stages each day (two separate matches) Come for one day or for the full weekend!
* Sign-in by 8 a.m.; shooters’ meeting 8:30 a.m.
* Regular daily match rates: Members $14; Non-members $19
* Everyone – shooters and non-shooters – will be entered in a raffle for treasured items donated by the ladies.
We’ll be selling “dog-nabbits” to erase some of those pesky misses with proceeds benefiting 5 Dogs Creek and cowboys who were victims of the Colorado wildfires.
* Hot dog it’s Friday! Potluck dinner with hot dogs provided; bring sides and sweets
* Side match Saturday! After lunch load ’em up for an unforgettable team shoot; .22 rimfire man-on-man challenge; and pistol poker
* Saturday night potluck! Bring grub to share and be ready to graze
* Saturday night at the movies! Featuring “Annie Oakley”
* Cowboy swap meet! All weekend sell, buy, trade or barter your extra cowboy duds, gear or whatever
Free camping on the range Friday – Monday
No pre-registration. No official awards. No party-poopers.
For more info contact Miss Barah Lee Misditt at (661) 397-4767 or

14 thoughts on “SHE-BANG Oct 6-7 2012

  1. Well HOWDY! I have most stuff put away now and beginning to catch up. But before I forget it I want to tell ALL involved in this past SHE BANG you did an excellent job! The new stages of fire and the targets out a little further were enjoyed and appreciated. Every once in a while, one should be reintroduced to his/her front sight ! ! The evening meals and shared company was once again GREAT! I know Bonny Kate and I, and at this time Nasty, are planning on being there in 2013 ! ! ! . . . . . . Limpy

  2. Will post here also. Bonny Kate and I and Nasty are trailer camping (two rigs). We will arrive 2:30 -3:30 ish Friday and leave Monday AM. . . . . Limpy

  3. OH! I forgot ! . . . . Utah Blaine, if you are going to be at ‘SHE BANG’ will you bring that shipping tube? I may need it again! Thanks . . . . Limpy

  4. We sit around the Giants game and plan our food items. We will be leaving Friday am to join you folks. The ” we” will be Nasty, Bonny Kate and myself! See you there!

  5. We would love to join in the fun at She-Bang this year, but we’re not sure what all we’ll need to bring for the side matches. Is there a list anywhere outlining the various matches and a schedule of when everything takes place? Believe me, it’s not that I’m uber organized, but we’re new to this and don’t know how it goes (and we don’t want to miss anything!) Thanks.

  6. Miss BLM; I was able to work it out at work so I will be able to make it to She-Bang. I’m really looking forward to having a GREAT time. We always do with the 5Dogs gang ! See Ya There. Nasty

  7. Any other “Nasty’s” out there that can’t decide to come shoot at She-Bang? Let me tell ya a bit about it. Fun, sometimes challenging stages, some very fast stages, some that “we’re moving, we’re moving’, and some stand and deliver. We will have a BB Gun challenge side match on Sat., a 4 (-count them 4-) man team shoot side match and a 22 challenge. Do ya ever get hungry?? Well here is a great place to remedy that situation. 5 Dogs has many good no great cooks! We will have a raffle on both Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are FREE just for registering to shoot! Dog-Nabbits will be for sale 5 for $10.00 Heck of a deal to buy back some pesky misses that could mess up your clean match! Not to mention the proceeds will help Colorado Cowboys that lost everything in the wild fires in Colorado; and a portion of the proceeds will be given to a “Local Wounded Hero” which funds are being raised to build him a home that is handicap excessible. You just can’t do any better than that folks! Saturday night we will be viewing “Annie Oakley”. So if you would like something fun and entertaining to pass your time on Oct. 6th adn 7th, come on over to 5 Dogs! We would love to see ya!!
    Miss Barah Lee Misditt

  8. Limpin Leroy!
    I am so very glad to hear that you are planning to attend! It will be fun! And Nasty just won’t know what he’s missing if he decides not to join us. But we will be sure to let him know…later!!! To bad it will be to late for this year!! (Hint: Nasty – you should come with Limpin’ Leroy to She-Bang!! I think you will enjoy it!!!) :-)

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Miss Barah Lee Misditt

  9. Howdy Doody, I have sent you an email as per your request but have not received a reply back from you. Please try my email. I hope to hear from you soon!
    Miss Barah Lee Misditt

  10. Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise ~ ~ ~ I plan on being there! Still working on Nasty, haven’t heard back from him yet! This will be my FIRST “She-bang”!

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