News August 2012

Are you feeling the heat? What? I can’t hear you. Oh wait, let me pull my head out of this ice cold water bucket…. Oop! Still got some water in muh ears. What were you saying again? Huh? You can’t understand me when I talk underwater?

Yeah, it’s summer alright, and almost hot enough to make anyone start believing in global warming. That’s what wiped out the dinosaurs, right? But it’s not too hot to go shooting at 5 Dogs Creek if we can wear short pants and short sleeves! And I hear our match weekend will have really nice weather, with maybe just a tiny bit of overcast!

We’ve got a new 5DC newsletter for you! Go ahead and read it right away, we’ve got some great stories of great people you may know. Fun things to do! Side matches! A chance for you to shoot a missless match!

And it’s not my job to remind you, but the Bakersfield Gun Show is this weekend Aug 25 & 26.

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