7 thoughts on “News Nov Dec 2011

  1. Hi Bo, Nobody edits the messages. If you want some of your messages deleted, Montego can help! :-)

  2. just wondering who edits the messages? i have some i don’t know how to get rid of, thanks , Bo

  3. I have 5.5 pounds of Hodgdons H4831 Rifle powder for sale local only. $75.00. If you know someone
    or yourself could use it please give me a call or “E”.
    Happy trails

  4. i have 2 gun carts for sale.
    1 is 2 gun cart folds small, $150
    2 is a 4 gun cart doesnt fold as small but has alot of room $200

  5. QUICKDRAWSIGNS will be your source for Wooden Signs for your camper, stable, front door, dog house or whatever your needs might be. Two types Gun Carts will be available
    1. is a standard one piece cart
    2. is a take down model made to fix in your Honda size vehicle.
    All carts come with a removable ammo box, rubber tires w/plastic rims and made to hold 4 guns of your configuration and stained and sealed with a Marine coating.
    Reload: loading blocks for your bench hold 50 rounds for the 38/357 & 44/45 rounds. AMMO boxes can be built for existing carts. Shooting sticks will be available once the site is up and running. Mr. Montego will be designing the site as soon as I supply him with the needed pictures and my limited ideas. My wonderful Daughter will be very instrumental in creating and monitoring our progress as well as her Pops.
    Thank you & Happy Holidays to all.
    Quick Draw Grandpaw
    Alias: Mike

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