<><> 5 Dogs Creek Membership <><>

Among other benefits, 5DC membership includes a discount for all or most club activities & shooting matches. Folks who will not be at the range to get their 5 Dogs Creek membership in person may take care of it by mail.

[ ] 1. write your CHECK payable to “5 Dogs Creek”. $40.00 single membership; $55 family membership

[ ] 2. If you want a paper copy of the monthly HOWLER and scores postal mailed to you ADD $10 (for the year). Or just download/print/read it from our web site for free.

[ ] 3. Please print neatly (or type online & print) and provide the following information:

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Street Address

City State Zip

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SASS number

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[ ] 4. NRA Membership. Our club insurance requires NRA membership. A 5DC family membership can be under one NRA membership.
Click here to Join NRA (discount coupon code in link) or Renew NRA on-line at on the NRA link.

[ ] 5. MAIL this form and a check payable to “5 Dogs Creek” to:
5 Dogs Creek
PO Box 20051
Bakersfield, CA 93390