September 2009 Edition


Howdy Folks


This Labor Day weekend was so very special. We had some great weather and a lot of folks showed up to enjoy it. Mescalero put on a great match with some very interesting stages and folks had to use their thinking caps a lot. But everyone had a great time. Thanks Mescalero for stepping up and putting on a great match.


There was a bag stuffing party for the troops after the shoot on Saturday. There were quite a few helpers who made quick work of putting the bags together and helping Calgory Kate get the bags ready for shipment to the troops overseas. She and Mescalero have donated so much of their time and hard work into sending boxes over seas to our troops. Their efforts are so appreciated and the soldier who receives one of those boxes always shares with their outfit and return notes and emails of appreciation. We all want the guys over seas to know we appreciate what they do for all of us.


Sundays shoot started out with a great story from Bones Brannon. He introduced a lady by the alias of Kate Barlow. He told us that she had just received her citizenship just a few days prier and he asked her to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. This was also her first shoot with us and it meant so much to her to be able to show her pride in her new country.


Kate Barlow is from Romania and at the age of 19 served in the army of Romania. She was told she was a good shot and has taught her daughter to shoot as well. She and her family came to the United Stated in 2001. Her husband who is a former navy seal also shoots but doesn't get to shoot much with his work schedule. She fell in love with the cowboy action shooting sport when Bones introduced her to it and she got to strap on a holster for the first time and heard the bullet go "ping" as it hit the target. Hopefully Kate Barlow can join us again really soon and if time permits , her husband can as well. I am sure too that if her daughter decided to start shooting, she would have the little buckaroos shaking in their little boots and really put them through their paces.










December and January is when we'll be renewing our 5 Dogs Creek yearly
memberships.  That may seem far off but it's never too soon to renew your
National Rifle Association membership.  NRA membership is a requirement for
5DC membership and is easy to obtain or renew.  Here's how:
    1.  Go to and click on the link near the
bottom for "Join NRA"; or
    2.  See Sunshine Kid at a monthly match; or
    3.  Call or email Sunshine Kid (310-386-9584 or



Anyone interested in a Christmas sale at 5 Dogs?

It's definitely not too soon to be thinking about what to get the folks on your Christmas list...or the items you want to put on your own Christmas list to let others know about.  Fortunately, the folks at 5 Dogs Creek can help.

Before and after the shoots during the December match weekend, all 5DC club members who make, bake, brew, draw, paint, sew, saw, weld, whittle or whatever, are invited to bring their creations or items to offer for sale or to swap.  This event will be just for 5 Dogs Creek members to bring their items to sell or swap; no vendors will be brought in.

So polish your needles, do your woodworking magic, grease up those cookie sheets, grease those guns you don't want any longer — whatever it takes to build your supply of items to sell or swap, get them ready to bring to the December match.

Also, remember to bring plenty of green to spend. (I don't mean Christmas holly!)

If you have any questions, please contact Sunshine Kid at or 310-386-9584.



Get ready folks because the November match will be a real She-Bang!  Once again the ladies of 5 Dogs Creek are putting their creative, clever heads together to produce a fun-filled weekend.

Sat., Oct. 31 is Halloween and we'll celebrate it all day and into the night.  Start thinking now about your costume.  Remember, if you are thinking about shooting the match wearing a Halloween-inspired costume, KEEP SHOOTING SAFETY YOUR TOP PRIORITY
in the design or assembling of your costume.  Otherwise, keep us in suspense and save your costume for the Costume Party and Trick-or-Treating after the match.

Pot luck dinner on Saturday night!

On Sun., Nov. 1 we'll kick off this month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving with a cornucopia of fun!

Questions? See Sunshine



Howdy All


We have started up a collection for a heart defibrillator and AED for our range, we have already received some generous donations, but it will take a lot more, for this is a very costly life saving device that could prove to be priceless if ever needed, god forbid. The AED will cost about $2000. The AED is an automatic device that is designed for non-professional users, giving you verbal commands walking you through the set up, and will only discharge if it finds there is no pulse. We were able to barrow CVR's AED last year for our annual. We all know these are some financially trying times, so please dig as deep as you can and we will keep collecting until we achieve our goal.


The town council is at the point that we will start having meetings the Friday before most matches to finalize the preparations for the 2010 Shootout at 5 Dogs Creek, California State Championships. A list of the people handling the different parts of the annual will be in the next news letter, so you can look them up to volunteer or ask questions.


I am happy to announce that Mr. Gus Ashcroft and Ms. Brandy Rose have graciously accepted our invitation to bring the Howling Wolf Saloon to the 2010 Shootout. This is a large piece of the puzzle for the Howling Wolf adds so much to the atmosphere of the event. So I would like to extend a great big Thank You from all of us at 5 Dogs Creek to Gus and Brandy.


Mad Dog Draper




Since our next match is in October the weather should be cooling down quite a bit but we still need to be drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated. Also for those of you thinking of camping out at the October31/November1 match you might want to be thinking of Halloween for the kids. Last year was a blast for the little ones. If you could bring some candy and some decorations to put up it would be fun. Don't forget your costumes if you have one.


See you on the range,

Doll Maker