October 2009 Edition

Howdy Folks!


Well fall weather is finally upon us once again. The weather was just great this weekend and it sure added a special touch to help cool things off after a long hot summer. Sam Ootie, Miss Barah Lee Misditt, Mad Trapper of Rat River and Wonderin' Rose put on a great match this month which had a lot of folks using their noggins for something other than a hat rack. I think there were even a few "P's" acquired when the smoke cleared too which sure kept the day from being boring and added some extra fun to boot. Thanks guys for a great weekend.


We will be going to winter hours now with the shooters' meeting starting at 8:30 and the match starting at 9:00 am. But our time changes Nov 1st back one hour so we will be loosing one hour of sleep Saturday night (Halloween evening).


We had a new shooter last month by the name of Kate Barlow who had so much fun with us that her husband Badger Clark wanted to join us as well this month. Both are experienced shooters since they were both in the military but this is a very different style of shooting and so much more fun for them both. We are very glad to welcome them to our campfire.


We also had some other fairly new shooters join us, Utah Blaine's wife Deadwood Donna, and Cole Beer (no photo). Welcome around our camp fire and hope to see all of you here again next month.



We will be having our famous She-Bang! match this next month which also happens to be on Halloween weekend. Since the match falls on Halloween (Saturday) and November 1st (Thanksgiving month) Sunday, the ladies are stirring up some special stages to give some extra zip to the holidays. There will be a Halloween theme for Saturday and a Thanksgiving theme for Sunday. So if you can, dress up for Halloween but please be sure you are able to shoot safely in your costume. There will be a costume contest later in the evening and a potluck too. There will be trick-or-treating for the kids so bring extra goodies for the little ones.


So with so much going on this coming match please make sure you don't forget to bring some extra ammo and a dish or two for the potluck to share and some candy for the trick-or-treaters. Oh, and don't forget to have some fun too. I know this will be a great weekend for everyone.



Howdy All,

As I said last month I would list some of the people that have agreed to take on some of the special jobs for the 2010 Shootout at 5 dogs Creek, California State Championship. There is much more to this job than just the brief description below. If you see a category you think you would be willing to offer some help with or have any questions, I'm sure they would be happy to hear from you. Well here's the list so far.


Bones Brannon                       Target Fabrication

Bull McFearson                      Storekeeper

Calgary Kate                          Publication / Score Keeping

Doll Maker                             Editor

Even Dozen Outlaw              Camping Coordinator

Foxi Schoolmarm                  Volunteer Coordinator

Hennessey Hayes                    Range Wrangler

Miss Barah Lee Misditt & Sam Ootie       Awards / Prizes

Miss Chevious                         Registration

Miss Ann Laughitoff              Score Keeping

Sunshine Kid                          Vendors

Mescalero                                Sherrif, Write Stages / Safety

Mad Dog Draper                   Mayor / Registration


I would like to thank everyone for everything you did last year for your club and me as Range Wrangler, and a lot of you for signing up to do the same great job again. With everyone helping with what they can, I feel 2010 will be another great state shoot.


Thank You

Mad Dog Draper



You are Invited...


Calling all witches, warlocks, rascals and rogues!

The Spirits are rising

As the cold night wind blows.

At 5 Dogs Creek range we converge

For a haunted affair

To shoot, howl and feast

And the Devil may care!


Come in your guise, be it witch, beauty or beast.

Bring a delicious offering on which we may feast.

Spread the word among friends for they are welcome indeed,

The more the merrier for the whole She-Bang! to succeed!

- Sunshine Kid





Our November match...


Hosted by the Gals of 5DC.


Sat., Oct. 31 we'll celebrate HALLOWEEN with wicked-good stages and a team shoot, get into the spirit with a Happy Hour Costume Party, games, potluck dinner and Trick-or-Treating after dark. The day will be a hoot for guys and ghouls of all ages!

Sun., Nov. 1 the theme will be THANKSGIVING with stages sure to tickle your turkey feathers!


C'mon out and join us for the whole She-Bang!



Looking ahead to DECEMBER....

At our December match...



Get a jump on your Christmas shopping at 5 Dogs Creek Dec. 5 & 6!

All 5DC club members who make, bake, brew, draw, collect, paint, shop, sew, saw, weld, whittle or whatever, are invited to bring their creations or other items to sell or swap at the December match.

We'll put out our treasures before and after the daily matches.

Also, remember to bring plenty of green (we don't mean Christmas holly!) to spend.

(Questions, Suggestions or Comments? – See Sunshine)



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