July 2009 Edition



Howdy Folks


Well folks, Bull McFearson put on a really great match this month. Yep, great weather, great stages and a lot of fun! The stages were set for fast action and less brain and leg work which made it a lot fun and helped to get everyone finished early and out of the heat. I think the weather was blamed for a few "P's" that were received due to over heating, what do you think?

Along with the hot weather and fast action on the sets Leia Tombstone and Fordyce Beals were caught doing their own 'fireworks' Sunday. They gave us a lot of smoke and fire.



We also had a return shooter join us this weekend after nearly a year, so welcome back Random Hiccup Hayes and Erin..



We had a new shooter join us Sunday for the first time and we hope he enjoyed his time with us and comes back again. Welcome around our campfire Cyrus P Vance.


Fordyce Beals and Leia tombstone will be putting on next months match which will be Hawaiian style.


"Leia and I are writing the match as suggested by Mescalaro to be Hawaiian dress code because of the expected heat.  Cowboy or straw hat, Hawaiian short sleeved shirts and a relaxed dress code.  The stages are 3 stand and deliver and 2 one move per stage each day.  No complicated shooting sequences so the hot brain will not be overloaded.  Stage 2 to stage 6 only so we are near the shade.  Starting lines are Hawaiianish."  Fordyce Beals



So folks if you have any Hawaiian skirts and outfits, now's the time to drag then out and get'em ready to go. Just remember to bring extra sun screen for all the exposed skin and remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also to take the electrolyte tablets available by the water coolers when you are feeling light headed or dizzy and grab some shade to cool off.



We had a great turn out for the Forth of July match this year and although there wasn't many hearty folks camping, they had a very enjoyable potluck and just kicked back and enjoyed the evening.


Folks feel free to email me if you have some news or important information to add to the newsletter and I will try my best to get it out for you. " dollmaker(at)pvilleca.com"


We are on summer hours now so the shooters meeting will be at 8:00am and shooting starts at 8:30am to avoid much of the heat in the afternoon.

Have a great day and straight shooting!




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