February 2009 Edition

Howdy Folks

What a great weekend! For those of you who didn't come out this month, well, you missed a superb weekend. Mudhen Milly and Chama Bill put on a fantastic match. The weather was so marvelous I even came home with a little sun tan. We had a super great turn out of shooters and campers and we hope for a repeat for next months match. Quick Draw Grandpa will be putting on next months match and we all can expect a great time then as well.

There will be a potluck next month with the theme on "Comfort Food". When you are feeling down and out, what kind of food gives you that uplift that you enjoy? Ice cream, cake, scallop potatoes, pastas, steaks, soups? The potluck will be Saturday evening about 5 P.M. so please plan on bringing your favorite comfort food and plan on having a pleasant evening.

The State match for this year is rapidly approaching and will be here before we know it. There is still plenty of work to be done to get the range all spiffy and ready. There will be a work party scheduled for March and April so please try and spare some time to help where you can. Miss Foxy School Marm is handling the assignments for help during the Annual so please let her know what days and times you will be available to work there also.

Her phone number is 661-872-7863 and her email is If you email her please put 5DC on the subject line so she will see it. When you call and she doesnt answer please leave your name and phone number and she will return your call.

If you need a name badge contact Dirt McFearson at kngmckee@sbcglobal.net
He will get you set up with that. The name badges look great too.

Sunshine Kid adds the following

SASS RULES 2009 for the Shooters Handbook / Range Operations Basic Safety
Course (Range Ops / ROI) is on the Sass website.  All shooters should read
and become familiar with these updates that take effect in March 2009.

The documents can be found at http://www.sassnet.com/ROCorner.php

There was a whole lot of teaching and learning taking place on the range the weekend of the February match...

Mescalero helped soon to be CAS shooter Miss Annie B. (husband Lethal Lloyd) learn the ropes of shooting a stage in his New Shooter Orientation.  This course is designed to help the new shooter understand our important safety rules as well as what happens each step of the way from when the shooter approaches the loading table through to when they leave the unloading table.

Bones Brannon conducted a Ladies' Shotgun Skills Clinic.  Lea Tombstone, Foxy, Miss Bara Lee and Sunshine were his students and learned how to properly hold the shotgun, take aim, and turn those flying clays into powder.

Lil Bravo and Hustler Hayes continued to hone their rapidly improving shooting skills under the watchful eye of Burley Bear.

Snakebite brought his guitar to the campfire and treated everyone to some purdy strumm'n & humm'n.


"Concurrent with the regular March match, we will be offering a Victorian Military category. These shooters will be using a rifle and pistol issued to an army or navy prior to 1904. Please contact Mescalero directly (661-588-8978) for specific details and acceptable equipment."

We all enjoy seeing new shooters and everyone who haven't been here for awhile so thank all you folks who make our club so great.

Rattlesnake Rondo shows them how it's done.

Cole Train getting the job done

Snake making a lot of smoke.

Doubleshot Darlin got a surprise when this little squirrel decided to scoot across the line of fire! But she still cleaned the stage and finished up with a clean match for the day. Way to go girl!

These three little Bucaroos sure had a great time this weekend and did a great job.
Straight Shot Owen, Hustler Hayes and Lil Bravo.

Next months match is February 28th and March 1st so get prepared to come out and have a great time. Yea Haw!