October 2008 Edition


Howdy Folks.


Mescalero did a super job as always in making this months match special. Everyone had smiles on their faces and grins going from ear to ear. What a weekend. We had three posses Saturday and three Sunday. Hats off to you Mescalero for a job well done!

There were a lot of campers to visit with too. Although the weather threatened to give us some much needed rain, Mad Dog Draper had said “He didn’t think it ever rained in Bakersfield”, we did get a little sample of wetness. Just to make things sticky and yucky. The welcome showers helped cool things down some and by early afternoon had completely disappeared. The showers did not detour our cowboy and cowgirls from sticking with it and completing the match. Way to cowboy up folks.


But if you think this was so much fun well you guys are in for a special treat for next month. The November match is being put on by eleven of our ladies and they predict a She-bang up good time. The theme of the match is based on the movie “Bandidas” and promises to be very “up-lifting”


 She-bang! A match you won’t want to miss


The November match at 5 Dogs Creek is shaping up to be one of the most “uplifting” of the year. She-Bang presents….Bandidas!


What? You don’t know about She-Bang? Where have you been?


The ladies of 5 Dogs Creek are putting together a weekend of fun and frivolity November 1-2. Each stage has been written by a lady – five on Saturday and five on Sunday – based on the movie Bandidas. Bring lots of extra ammo because Saturday afternoon the fun continues with a couples shoot. Ladies need to bring extra, extra ammo to help out those guys who need to borrow a lady to make a couple.


There will be a Mexican-themed potluck on Saturday night followed by the 5 Dogs Creek premier of Bandidas. Movie night on the range is always a great time and if you’ve not yet seen this western classic, you’ll be surprised by how “uplifting” (think corsets) a movie can be.


You’re encouraged to come dressed as a bandido or bandida. There will be prizes and fun for all. As always, camping is available on the range at no charge. Come on out and make a weekend of it.




Calgary Kate, Eve Nenjoy, Granny Kettle, Leia Tombstone, Little Fawn, Maggie Thom, Miss Foxi Schoolmarm, Miss Ann Laughitoff, Mudhen Millie, Raspberry Hayes, Sunshine Kid and a host of other ladies with great ideas and prizes



This month’s most extraordinaire match is also being dedicated to Geo Kid and Lady Gunner who are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.


Congratulations are in order for a super great couple. Yeah—Haw!!



There has been a prediction made that this Novembers match might be almost equal to the State match in its turn out. Let’s see how close we are in that prediction.


We also had a new shooter who joined us last month and because of ants, I didn’t get his picture till this month. Welcome around our campfire Huckelberry Flash.




The work party Saturday was very productive and was finished in record time. Thanks so much everyone who contributed their equipment and time and effort for a job well done.





Please read and give him your opinion. This is very important for him to be able to represent all of you.


Here are some of the items to be discussed at the Territorial Governors Summit, and by the SASS Rules Committee. If you would like to give me your opinion on these items, please send an email to:  snakebite4767-at-yahoo.com, or you may call me at 559-787-2943. Thanks

1. Should we combine the Traditional and Modern categories and then split this combination into two age-based categories, with the age breaks being at 17-35 and up 36-48 up?  This would give us age-based categories for all ages.  All (age based) categories would be open categories in that you can use any SASS legal firearm (traditional or modern), powder or shooting style except Gunfighter.
This is the first phase of adjusting the category system to accommodate all age groups.

2. Should we allow the use of the Gunfighter style in all age-based categories except the Buckaroo and Junior categories?

3. Should we replace the line – “Outlawed - Clothing displaying manufacturer’s or sponsor’s logos”
with “The displaying of sponsor's or team logos on apparel or equipment prohibited. Manufacture's labels on such apparel or equipment are acceptable."?
This rule was originally intended to help keep costumes from looking like those of NASCAR drivers, and to help keep the game on an amateur level. It needs to be modified to allow the manufacture’s labels to remain intact.

4. In #3 of the Stage Convention it requires all long guns staged horizontally shall be staged lying flat where at least the rear of the trigger guard is on the staging area.  Should this also be applied to handguns?

5. Should we add the following clarification? "ALL Clothing MUST BE worn appropriately, how it was intended, and how it would have been worn in the OLD WEST or as seen on B-Western movies and Television,  Clothing that is clearly NOT in the spirit of the "Old West" or in good taste is NOT allowed"
Unfortunately this new rule needs to be added to keep our game where it was intended to be. Some young shooters are showing up wearing their clothing in the style that has become common today, with their pants down past their butts etc. This game was designed to play “Cowboy”… not “Mall Rat”. If you don’t want to play the game, then go somewhere else.

6. Should we allow a shooter to retrieve a dropped dead round?  If the shooter breaks the 170 we have rules for it. We have rule for all situations of dropped guns breaking the 170 and such like.  We do not need this rule that assumes a shooter is going to do something wrong.  

7. Should we clean up the language concerning re-starts and re-shoots?  ??????
Re-starts are different than re-shoots, and have different criteria governing each. This would allow us to clear up the language.

8. Should we add the following language to the Ro materials?  When a stage requires a revolver reload, cap and ball shooters may charge all six chambers and only cap five.  Then prior to the first shot from the revolver they must cap the sixth chamber. 
Many C&B shooters believe that it is unsafe to fire the gun with a charged and uncapped chamber. This would stop that from happing.

9. Should we change the verbiage about de-cocking a firearm from -
De-cocking a revolver, rifle, or external hammer shotgun may not be done with a live round under the hammer.  De-cocking may not be done to avoid a penalty if cocked at the wrong time or position. The penalty for de-cocking is a Stage Disqualification.

Change to: NO gun may be de-cocked on the firing line except by pointing it down-range and pulling the trigger or while under the direct supervision of a stage officer.
This is a very important change. The current rule REQUIRES that the gun be pointed downrange and the hammer dropped. However, there are times when this is just not the best way for it to be handled, such as a squib or jambed gun. The RO should be given the authority to handle the situation.

10. There is an effort on board to remove the penalty for an empty, fired case left in a long gun. The exact method of handling has not yet been decided, but one thought is to cycle all long guns on the line before going to the unloading table. If a live round is found, then the appropriate penalty will be applied, a spent case would be a no-call.

11. Should we allow ejectors on single shot shotguns? 

12. Should we add this for Buckaroos? Buckaroos must shoot at all aerial shotgun targets unless alternate targets are provided. Aerial targets will be scored as "hit" if fired at before the target impacts the ground. Targets that hit the ground before being fired at will be scored as a "miss".

13. Should we work on the language to remove the 10 sec procedural penalty trap that occurs when a pistol target is “missed” and the bullet strikes another pistol target? This should really only be scored as a “miss”, not a procedural.
There are a couple suggestions to clear this up. One addresses the target spacing, and another removes the word “type” from the miss flow chart and description of a “miss”.

14. Rewrite the language about crossdraw holsters.
There is a lot of confusion as to when the 170 degree is broken by a shooter using a cross draw holster. Adding an explanation would help ROs and shooters to better understand when to apply the penalty.