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November 2008 Edition

Howdy Folks:

Wow, what a weekend. The women at 5 Dogs Creek sure put on a fantastic She-Bang match to beat all matches. Because of the fantastic turn out this weekend I heard rumors that this may become an annual shoot out.

Geo Kid and Lady Gunner celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary and folks from near and far came to help them celebrate. The Mexican pot luck was such a success that there had to be more tables added to hold all the food. Man, was it great! The move that night was really funny and added a great finishing touch to a really fun day.

The weather this weekend didnÕt stop these hardy cowboys and cowgirls, no sir. They just grabbed towels, umbrellas, plastic tarps or what every was handy and just kept on shooting. Now that is true grit. But I know there will be a lot of gun cleaning done to stop some rusting of those fun toys.

Because so many folks came down on Friday which was Halloween, the kids got to go trick or treating with the campers. Gravedigger and Bad News Betsy were really into decorating for Halloween and would have won 1st place if there had of been some competition going on. The kids just loved all the fun and sure got a lot of candy. Geo Kid and Lady Gunner had a little goblin stationed outside of their trailer but that didnÕt detour the kids

These ladies were really into the theme of the shoot. I know they had a really uplifting good time!! Thank you so much ladies.

There were some side matches Saturday afternoon that were such a hoot! Bones invented a soda can popper that had a lot of folks waiting in line to give it a try and do some competition shooting.

There was also a couples side match that required a male and female to work in conjunction with each other to get the best time and hits. Needless to say, there werenÕt enough women available to couple up with the men willing to give this a go, so a few fellows decided to dress up a little. ArenÕt they cute?

Winners of the Couples Match.

Congratulation Fanny Mostly and Bad Man Bob

Pot luck dinner Saturday evening.

Folks really enjoyed the pot luck!

Lady Gunner cutting their cake

Some shooters Sunday

Well folks, after such a fun weekend, itÕs time to sit back and relax and enjoy Thanksgiving and get ready for the next months match. I hope to see you all at the December match.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

And here's a few words from Sunshine Kid:

1. 5 Dogs Creek CAS memberships will be available on Sat & Sun;
Dec 6 & 7, so folks should bring their CHECKBOOKS or CASH. Being
a 5DC member saves you money on your monthly match fees. It also
is an important way to help support our club. To join or rernew your 5DC membership by mail click here.

2a. In order to be a member of 5DC folks must be members of the NRA. If
they are already NRA members, they should bring their NRA MEMBER NUMBER.

b. New memberships and membership renewals will also be available. We
can help you with your NRA membership options, provide membership &
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NRA membership also makes a great holiday gift!

3. If anyone knows of a Pard who can't get the 5DC newsletter by computer,
have them contact Sunshine Kid at the range on match day or by calling her phone.
For $10/year (check payable to "5 Dogs Creek") they can receive a paper copy
of the monthly HOWLER newsletter and scores mailed to them. This way
everybody can stay in the loop of news, activities and their bragg'n rights
(or to know who they need to out-shoot at the next months match!)

Sunshine Kid