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Annual Match

                                                                                                               May Edition 2008

Howdy Folks

Well the smoke has cleared and the guns are put away for a few more days.  Wow, what a great State Match!  After so much preparation and planning, anticipation and excitement the California State Championship met and exceeded every ones expectations.  While I was at the range I heard nothing but great compliments about this event and how much enjoyment everyone had.  There was such a great turn out with folks coming from near and far.  We sure hope everyone comes back again next year! 

The following article is just one of many compliments about our State Match.

A Neophyte Goes To A Gunfight

A little over five months ago, thanks to Mescalero and Calgary Kate,  I had the revelation that there were better things to do on the weekends than mow the lawn and clean the garage. I could take up action shooting, cowboy style. As I am a retired 63 year old college professor who always thought a Marlin was a fish, you can imagine my reticence. I didnŐt know a 38 from a 44 except that the former was my waist size and the latter the year of my birth. Well, our garage now houses a Dillon loading press, a newly constructed gun cart, not to mention the closets have sundry hats, dusters, holsters, boots, and oh yea a gun safe. ItŐs truly amazing how guns multiply while stored in one of those. However, after participating in the state match at 5 Dogs Creek this past weekend I can honestly say my conversion is complete. What an experience!

Oh there were fast shooters to be sure. Was I intimidated? Ya bet yer dadŐs best pistol or your wifeŐs favorite hat pin. Having been told I could use the practice, I was there bright and early for the speed shooting stages. I had no idea what was going on. However, I had heard that all the money collected at this event was going to the troops. What could be better than that? I get in a little practice while supporting the cowboys who are doing the real gun fighting. I watched bullets fly from rifles, cowboys ragging on each other about how slow they were, and if someone missed a target the laughter drowned out the sound of shotguns, pistols and rifles. Now it was my turn. Yikes. I stepped up like I knew what I was doing and fired off 10 rounds. It became painfully silent and my heart stopped as I had missed four targets. As I stepped away I said to myself: ŇWhat are you doing here you silly old man?Ó I was tapped on the shoulder and this guy said ŇCan I help you?Ó Having seen him empty a rifle faster than I could aim my first shot I said Ňsure.Ó He spent the next few minutes correcting how to position my rifle so it wouldnŐt slip down while I shot, how to Ňlean into the gunÓ etc. He told me to line up and try it again which I did. Unbelievable! I shot faster and hit them all.

I relate this experience to you not because I went on to win the match and become state champion. No, this is not Hollywood. I wanted to share this because I later learned that my rifle pointers came from none other than world champion Lead Dispencer. This aptly demonstrates the kind of experiences I had the entire weekend. The conclusion, cowboy and cowgirl shooters are just good folk. Someone is always there to lend a hand whether you are among the elite or just like me, a neophyte at a gunfight. Thanks to one and all and IŐll see ya at the next match.

Mad Trapper of Rat River.

There were also so many compliments on the wire that I have included the links below if anyone is interested in viewing them.
A Personal Thanks to 5 Dogs Creek
A big thank you to the 5Dogs staff

If you have PHOTOS to share, we have a free photo gallery you can upload them to. It's pretty easy to do.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and be beautiful and cool for this next months shoot.  There will be a pot luck Saturday evening starting at 5 PM.  Starring everyoneŐs favorite appetizers 

Also please note that Summer hours are in effect now. 
Sign up time is by 8 AM and
Shooting to start at 8:30AM

Thanks so much everyone for making this yearŐs event such a spectacular event. Hope to see you all at the range this next month.

The winners of each event are listed below.

Black powder Night Shoot

First place ÉÉBlack Raven Bob  (clean)

Second PlaceÉTwo Gun Sam

Third PlaceÉÉBilly Bob

Fourth PlaceÉ..Bodie Camp  (clean)

MenŐs Modern

1st.   Long Swede

2nd.   Phantom

3rd.  Sand Dab Sam

4th.   Majyk

5th.   White Bart

MenŐs Senior    

1st.   Tex Fiddler

2nd.   Cold Iron Charly

3rd.   China Camp

4th.   Wobblin Bob

5th.   Sutter Lawman

MenŐs Senior Duelist

1st,   Coop

2nd.   Bull

3rd.   Buck Garrett

4th.   Bear Lee Tallable

5th.   Chuck Wagon Jim

MenŐs B-Western

1st.   Chattan

2nd.   Black Raven Bob

3rd.   Tucson Smith

4th.   M C Ryder

5th.   Fiddletown Flash

MenŐs Duelist

1st.    Mosebee

2nd.   Coal Train

3rd.   Buckeye Flats

4th.   Tie Long

5th.  Blazing Saddles

MenŐs Gunfighter

1st.   Wildroot

2nd.   Johnny Mack Brown

3rd.   Two Gun Sam

4th.   Terrell Rondo Sackett

5th.   J W Irons

MenŐs 49ŐR

1st.   Lefty Longridge

2nd.   Swifty Swede

3rd.   Crosscreek

4th.   El Lazo

5th.   Latin Gun

Ladies Silver Senior

1st.   Goode Bascomb

2nd.   Chucky Mae

Ladies Traditional

1st.   Little Fawn

2nd.   Polly Pennybright

3rd.   Giv-A-Dam Scarlett

4th.   Molly Magoo

5th.   Accurate Allie

Ladies Gunfighter

1st.   Calgary Kate

2nd.   Prairie Weet

3rd.   Sterling Starr

Ladies Modern

1st.   Sweetwater

2nd.   Texas Yellow Rose

3rd.    Allen Street Rose

Ladies Senior

1st.   Cicada

2nd.   Pocket Change

3rd.   Prairie Fire

4th.   Nurse Bobbie

5th.   Lucky Wheeler

Ladies Duelist

1st.   Miss Loddy

2nd.   Bank Robbin Robin

3rd.   Spitt Fire Betty

4th.   Cruzan Confusion

5th.   Lacy Ann Leather

Ladies Frontier Cartridge

1st.   Jessie Lyn

2nd.   Black Chip Mary

3rd.   Brite Eyes Bev

4th.   Leia Tombstone

Ladies Frontier Cartridge Duelist

1st.   Ida Mistum

Ladies 49ŐR

1st.   Irish Eyes

2nd.   Lusty Lil

3rd.   Lady Bulldog

4th.   Querida

5th.   Choctaw Gal

Ladies B-Western

1st.   Fannie Mostly

2nd.   Lady Reb

3rd.   Diamond Jay

4th.   Turquoise Duchess

Junior Boys

1st.   Half Pint of Rum

Junior Girls

1st.   Deadeye Dani

2nd.   Cherokee Child Sara (Happy Birthday)

Frontier Cartridge

1st.   Snakebite

2nd.   Flying W Ramrod

3rd.   Sweettooth Kelly

4th.   Slick Rock Rooster

5th.   General Delivery

Frontier Cartridge Duelist

1st.   Lefty Eastman

2nd.   Smokin Gator

3rd.   Black Jack Traven

4th.   Beartrap  Bandit

5th.   Denio

Grande Dames

1st.   Medicine Women Wiki

Classic Cowboy

1st.   Hud

2nd.   Middletown Marshal

3rd.   Chekahsah Joe

4th.   Sawmill Slim

5th.    Tes Pinos

Elder Statesman

1st.   Old Lawdawg

2nd.   Frisco

3rd.   Jim Bowie

4th.   Choctaw

5th.   Dr. George


1st.   Midway

2nd.   Carlos El Hombre

3rd.   Big Babe

4th.   Jailhouse Jim

Speed Shotgun

Double Barrell


1st.   Lefty Eastman              7:53

2nd.   Lefty Eastman             8:11

3rd.   Wildrood                      8:74

 Single Barrel


1st. – 3rd.   Lead Dispenser     6:24



Speed Pistol


1st.   Long Swede          4:14

2nd.   Long Swede         4:49

3rd.   Lead Dispenser     4:53

Speed Rifle


1st.  Lead Dispenser          2:82

2nd.  Left Long Ridge        3:22

3rd.   Phantom                    3.29

Long Range Lever Action

Rifle Cal.

1st.   Slipjoint Jack              6 shots    13:78

2nd.   Sanddab Sam              6 shots     25:10

3rd.   Honest Henry              6 shots     49.82

4th.      Sackett                        5 shots      18:28

Long Range Single Shot  (Smokeless)

1st.   Bodie Camp                                10  shots   2:16

2nd.   Bad Eye Bobolu                         10  shots   2:55

3rd.   Brakeman John                             9   shots  1:37

4th.  (Tie)

        Double Dollar                                9   shots  1:49

        Marshal Freedom

Long Range Lever Action Pistol Cal.

1st.   Sackett                                           5 shots   10:66

2nd.   Sackett                                          5 shots   12:00

3rd.   Brushwacker                                 4 shots    11:62

4th.   Brushwacker                                 4 shots    12:86


1st.   Lefty Eastman                               109.67

2nd.   Snakebite                                      139.18

3rd.   Black Jack Traven                        148.65

4th.   Sweettooth Kelly                          150.50

Long Range Black Powder

Single Shot

1st.   Middletown Marshal                       9 shots         2:11

2nd.   Chatten                                           9 shots          2:18

3rd.   FightinŐ Frank Jackson                   9 shots          2:30

4th.   Uk Dane                                          9 shots          3:53

MenŐs Silver Senior

1st.   Badfinger OŐKern

2nd.   Bill Miner

3rd.   Crusty Jim

4th    Desperado

5th.   Brushwacker

MenŐs Traditional

1st.   Badlands Bud

2nd.   Lead Dispencer

3rd.   Chickamauga Charlie

4th.   Neighbor Tom

5th.   Taggart

Total Clean Shooters (11)

Beartrap Bandit

Blazin Saddles

Bucket of Blood

Colonel Dan


Lead Dispencer

Long Shot

Mariposa Slim

Sand Dab Sam

Solomon Star

Tex Fiddler

Top Cowboy

Badlands Bud

Top Cowgirl