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December 2008 Edition

Howdy Folks

Well what a year we’ve had at 5 Dogs! As always we had a great match for both days and everyone had a great time. Bad Man Bob wrote a great match and with the assistance of Bo Bean they put on a fun filled weekend for everyone. Thank you both for such a fun match.

Everyone at 5 Dogs had to face cold, ugly, foggy days and nights this weekend but I did see a little sun shine for a few moments. Just not long enough to warm things up much though. So Hats off to all you brave folks for sticking it out and finishing the year off with us at 5 Dogs.

Here are just a few photos to show this time. Our possie leaders were asked to wear these cute antlers and Even Dozen decided to dress his up for Christmas.

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We had new shooters join us too. Sam Ootties wife Miss Barah Lee Misditt joined us last month as a new shooter and this month Bo Bean’s son Jim Bean. Jim Bean has shot a few times at Chorro Valley but this was his first time with us at 5 Dogs. Hennessey and Raspberry Hayes’ son Hustler Hayes shot for the first time in Little Buckaroo Saturday. We welcome you all around our campfire and hope to see you again next month.

Miss Barah Lee Misditt Jim Bean

Hustler Hayes and his first match. Great Job!

2009 Memberships

If you are unable to make it to the range here’s information for registering for your 2009 5 Dogs Creek membership by mail.

    1. CHECK payable to “5 Dogs Creek”

             $35.00 single membership; $50 family membership

    2. If you want a hardcopy of the monthly HOWLER and scores mailed to them ADD $10 (for the year).  There’s NO CHARGE for accessing the HOWLER and scores on the web site.

    3. Please print neatly and provide the following information:

           FIRST NAME
            LAST NAME
            STREET ADDRESS
            PHONE (include area code)
            SASS #
            NRA MEMBER # (REQUIRED; see #4)
            Wish to receive a mailed hardcopy of HOWLER & scores?   YES (add $10) or NO

    4.  Not a member of the NRA or need to RENEW a membership?  A 5DC family membership can be under ONE NRA membership.

           Contact Sunshine Kid, NRA Recruiter:  SunshineKid (at)
            :::OR::: sign up on-line at on the NRA link.

   5.  MAIL 2009 5 Dogs Creek membership information (#3 above) and check payable to “5 Dogs Creek” to Even Dozen:

               David Cooper
               8832 Glenda Street
               Bakersfield, CA  93307

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you all next month. Doll Maker