August Edition 2008


Howdy Folks.


What a wonderful weekend! For those of you who missed it, we all had a great time.

Mescalero put on a great match as usual that was fast and fun. The weather was a little warm but not unbearable. Everyone enjoyed dressing up in their Hawaiian outfits and looked pretty cute to boot. Some legs hadn’t seen the sun in ages so folks needed sun glasses but I am sure they got a good tan those two days. The pot luck was a success with cold cuts, fruits and some mighty tasty side dishes. Burly Bear carved up a watermelon, with the 5 Dog logo on the handle and filled it with tasty fruit. What a treat!


We also had some folks join us from out of town, who by the smiles on their faces,

really had fun too.. Professor Cubby Bear was also sporting a new hat.












Strait Shot Owen, Buckaroo class, did a mighty fine job. He has been shooting since February. Rapid Fire in Junior Boys did a mighty fine job too. These young guys will be showing all you older shooters how it’s done one of these days so you had better stay on your toes there folks. Grave Digger is now officially a Gun Boy. During a short ceremony Sunday he was presented with the official news and badge as his wife (Bad News Betsy’s) Gun boy. He took all the cheers good naturedly.


For those of you interested in taking the RO 1 class, there will be a class Saturday after the match Sept. 6th. Snake Bite suggests downloading the sass rule book and reading it so you will be familiar with the rules and facts. The cost for the course will be $10.00. For those of you who already have the RO 1 course and would like to get a refresher course you may join in. Any one with question may contact Snake Bite at or call 559-787-2943.


The Range War is on!!!

It’s right around the corner, folks! The Central California Range War is brewing…this year at the John Wayne Shootout. This is the third year of the battle and 5 Dogs Creek has yet to take possession of the coveted Crooning Outhouse Cowboy trophy. Not quite the bragging rights we had in mind. This is our year!

For those of you who are clueless about the importance of the annual CCRW, let me fill you in. The CCRW is just a fun way to encourage a little friendly competition between the Kings River Regulators, 5 Dogs Creek and the Chorro Valley Regulators and get greater participation in the annual matches of all three clubs.

Here’s the basic scoop:
CCRW is held each year during the annual match of the club that currently has claim to the coveted title of “winner.” This year that is the Chorro Valley Regulators. CCRW basically a match within a match and has no impact on the standings of the annual match.

All club members registered for the annual match where the Range War takes place will compete for their respective club or clubs. Everyone will have an opportunity to represent their club(s) and all categories will be included equally.

For each stage of the annual match, three names will be selected randomly for each of the three clubs. The times for those selected for each stage will be totaled (inclusive of misses/bonuses). The club with the fastest total time wins, will keep the Crooning
Outhouse Cowboy and will host the CCRW at their next annual match. The competitors for each stage will not be announced in advance. All cowboys should be at the top of their game at all times.

Get signed-up for the John Wayne Shootout!! Have fun. Good-natured trash talking is highly encouraged. And, most importantly, 5 Dogs Creek is ready to bring KRR and CVR to their knees.




Folks with the summer weather upon us, please remember to stay hydrated and stay as cool as possible. Get under a shade whenever you can or you are feeling weak or dizzy and remember to drink plenty of liquid. Preferably plenty of water!



See you all at the range this next month and remember to be safe and have lots of fun.


Doll Maker