September 2008 Edition

Howdy Folks.

For those of you who missed this months shooting match, well you sure missed a fun time. Fordyce Beals and Leia Tombstone put on a great match and kept everyone on their toes and their thinking caps on. The weather was a little warm in the after noon but tolerable. We hope the heat doesn’t get too bad this next month but still come prepared for it. We all need to keep as cool as possible and keep drinking plenty of water.

drink water

Sorry folks for not getting any good pictures this month but ants decided to take up residence in my good camera and they really did a number on it. I am doubtful on getting it fixed in time for next month but will use my ole standbys just in case.

Work Party Planned

Howdy Folks
     If you weren't there for the September match you missed a great one, and also missed my little announcement. Our range needs a little makeover. For the October match we are having a work party Saturday and Sunday after the match for about 30-45 minutes. We need to fill in the splash holes; the shotgun targets are starting to shoot back with a fair degree of accuracy (wish I could say the same about me).
     Most of all we need people, the more we have the faster it gets done. We need flat nose shovels, metal rakes and garden hoses to repack the soil. I would let the rain do it but I'm not sure if it rains in Bakersfield anymore. If you're not physically able to work but can bring some tools for others to use, that in its self would be a great help. Hope to see a lot of you there for the shoot and the work party.
Mad Dog Draper

 She-bang! A match you won’t want to miss

The November match at 5 Dogs Creek is shaping up to be one of the most “uplifting” of the year. She-Bang presents….Bandidas!

What? You don’t know about She-Bang? Where have you been?

The ladies of 5 Dogs Creek are putting together a weekend of fun and frivolity November 1-2. Each stage has been written by a lady – five on Saturday and five on Sunday – based on the movie Bandidas. Bring lots of extra ammo because Saturday afternoon the fun continues with a couples shoot. Ladies need to bring extra, extra ammo to help out those guys who need to borrow a lady to make a couple.

There will be a Mexican-themed potluck on Saturday night followed by the 5 Dogs Creek premier of Bandidas. Movie night on the range is always a great time and if you’ve not yet seen this western classic, you’ll be surprised by how “uplifting” (think corsets) a movie can be.

You’re encouraged to come dressed as a bandido or bandida. There will be prizes and fun for all. As always, camping is available on the range at no charge. Come on out and make a weekend of it.


Calgary Kate, Eve Nenjoy, Granny Kettle, Leia Tombstone, Little Fawn, Maggie Thom, Miss Foxi Schoolmarm, Miss Ann Laughitoff, Mudhen Millie, Raspberry Hayes, Sunshine Kid and a host of other ladies with great ideas and prizes

Recently some club members asking about 5 Dogs Creek baseball caps and embroidered shirts. Here's the deal...

Baseball caps: $15 available in a wide variety of colors with the 5 Dogs logo embroidered on the front.

Shirts: The shirts are embroidered with the 5 Dogs Creek logo and, if you wish, your alias. You supply the shirt so that you know it fits perfectly. Most people in the past have done denim shirts. Embroidery is $10 for the logo and $10 for your alias that goes right below the logo. Looks great.

Orders will be taken in October (and probably not again until spring). All orders will be ready in November. Can you say "perfect Christmas gift"??

Yee-haw! - Calgary Kate

Howdy folks! The ladies are working hard behind the scenes to prepare and absolutely extraordinary match for November. One of the things we want to do is have movie night. Dyphicult McFearson (sure hope I spelled that difficult name correctly) has a laptop and projector we can use, but we're desperately seeking speakers that are large enough so that the whole crowd can hear.

If you have a set of amplified speakers (or a set of speakers & an amplifier) that we can borrow, it would be most excellent...and will earn you an extra ticket into the drawing at the match (yes, we have lots of things planned). We are able to adapt a single pin plug (you know, the kind that plugs your guitar into the amp) to the smaller pin that fits into the laptop (like headphones). That's what we did for the annual --- only those speakers were rented.

Anyone able to help out a bunch of damsels in distress?? :-)  Calgary Kate

Hope to see you all on the range in October.

Doll Maker