June 2008 Edition

Howdy folks.

Well what a wonderful weekend we had this month. The weather was super fantastic and the stages put on by Mescalero were just great. Everyone had a super good time and I hear that the potluck went over very well also.

We had some new shooters this weekend. Although some were not new to the sport they were new to the club and we enjoyed having them with us. WondernÕ Rose, the wife of Mad Trapper of Rat River and Mother of Calgory Kate shot for the first time this weekend and did a great job. We also had the son of Chase Wright (Arizona Buckshot Kid), Badge 47, and Toolbox join us. We also had Deer Skinner Ron, R.B. Shannon, Bix Bender, and Sam ootie, Miss Ann Laughitoff and Pony Pam. Welcome around our camp fire folks.

For those of you interested, Dirt McFearson is working on getting orders for some mighty fine name badges. They have the 5 Dog emblem on them with the magnet backing. Hopefully he will have more information for us by next months match.

The McFearsons are putting on the July match and I know we can all expect some great stages and have a great time too boot. August match will have a Hawaii theme in reference to the summer heat. You must still wear your hat and boots but you can dress up in your finest grass skirts and coconut bras if you want. Just donÕt forget the sun block!!

The scores are in and posted already so be sure to check them out. With the summer heat upon us again be sure to remember to drink plenty of water and try and stay cool. DonÕt over extend yourself and try and get in the shade when you can to cool off.