December 2006 Edition

December Match

Howdy folks. Well for those of you who were brave enough to brave the cold weather I tip my hat to you. It got down right freezing this weekend and there were ice icicles on some of the trees to prove it. Fortunately I wasn't one of those out an about to see that site-- thank goodness !!! But for those who did I hope they dressed warm.

The potluck was a success again and had everyone rubbing his or her tummies and settling back for a good movie. Only a few brave hearts were able to last out to the end of the movie because of the cold and were glad to hit the ole wrinkles to get warmed up. I think everyone will agree to save the next movie night till we get some warmer weather. Or an indoor movie house with a heater?
The matches for this weekend were said to be a lot of fun and most went fairly quickly. Special thanks goes to Peso Bill and Burley Bear Fred for the work spent on putting on this months match. How many people got the shot at the tape? Since I wasn't there to observe and take pictures this time, I will just have to take folks at their word for the fun to be had. I even heard that Vixen was sporting a new hat. A buffalo with horns! Wish I could have seen that one. Did anyone get any pictures?

We also had some shooters there who haven't been out for a while and I want to say welcome back. We sure missed having you guys around.

I would like to start a new column to give an honorable mention to those having birthdays each month. So those of you who wouldn't mind giving me your birth dates, I would like to mentions you in the paper each month when it's your turn. If you are shy about your age, well that won't be mentioned unless you want it to be. Of course every year that we can count can be added up to be a good year and I hear they only get better and better.

I would also like to send some get well wishes to those of you still recouping from surgery last month, Sherm, Hoss, Portugee Phillips and his father in law, Rattlesnake Rip. Sherm and Big Hoss made an appearance this weekend and seem to be getting back to their usual loveable selves. Keep up the good health guys and get back to shooting really soon.

Monthly Match Times
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5 Dogs Creek Cowboy Action Shooters Monthly Matches are the 1st Sunday of the month, and also the preceding Saturday (same weekend). Be there for the Mandatory shooters meeting at 8:30am before the 9am match. Register for the day's shooting before the meeting starts. So try to be at the range by 8am. Camping is free the nights before monthly matches.
The New Years Match is supposed to be a fun shoot also. Hopefully the weather holds out and there isn't any rain like last year. The New Years shoot will be January 6 & 7. So come prepared for any kind of weather, especially the cold kind.

For those of you who are doing the boxes for the troops over seas please remember the time is drawing near to get them finished and ready to give to Calgary Kate next month for shipment. The troops will be so surprised and really appreciate getting these boxes for Valentines Day. Thanks so much Calgary Kate and Mescolaro for your efforts in getting these out to our troops overseas. We all really appreciate all you do for them and all of us too.

Just a friendly reminder that club dues will be due again January 1, 2007 and those planning on attending the Annual match in May should be sending in their forms and payment as soon as possible to assure your entry. I am sure these will be filling up fast this year.

For those of you who would like to have a motel room for the annual or anytime, Montego has made arrangements for discount rates. Here is the link to check it out.

Just in time for this edition are some photos taken by Creek Marley and Turtle Creek Rose. This just goes to show how much fun was to be had this past week end and there was a buffalo in the crowd too.

We also had a guest shooter from Arizona...Kismet. Please come back and shoot with us again Kismet.!!!

With the holidays upon us, I would like to take the opportunity to wish each and
every one of you a Safe and Happy Holiday.
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