January Edition 2009

Howdy folks:
Well, we started our New Year out with a bang this year. The hardy folks who attended this month's match may still need some thawing out. Dang but it was cold and damp. The fog finally lifted but left the cold air behind and it just hung on. I know everyone was really cold but they were having so much fun that they didn't let it get them down or stop them from shooting. What a bunch of hardy fellows. My hat is off to all of you.

Mescalero put on a great match as always and it was good seeing him and Calgary Kate back on the range again after their vacation.

Chama Bill and Mud Hen Milly will be putting on next months match and are putting out the word that everyone had better be prepared to have some really hot loads this time. None of those lite loads this time folks. There will be some good pistol and rifle knock down targets so be prepared with plenty of ammo that will do the job.

Also a word to the wise, bring plenty of warm clothes and hand warmers just in case the weather is still cold.

Sunshine Kid is still doing the NRA sign ups if anyone has a need for that and also will be printing out & mailing the hard copy of the newsletter for folks who wish to receive one. The cost is $10 per year.

Quick Draw Grandpa is making signs and gun carts for anyone interested in getting that done. Check out his web site WWW.QUICKDRAWSIGNS.COM . He does some great work.

If any of you crafters are interested in sharing a booth at the Annual this year please let me or Sunshine Kid know. Most of you might not want to do a booth by your self but could possibly share the cost of the vender's fee and share a booth together. Sounds like a good idea to me.

We also had a fellow (Kelly) join us this weekend who does gun engraving. You might have had a chance to talk to him about getting those special guns engraved but if you missed him he will be coming back pretty soon. I'm waiting on his schedule from Lacy Ann Leather and as soon as I receive it will get it out to all of you. I understand he is pretty busy but will try and get the jobs out as soon as possible.

Some photos to share this time are as follows, enjoy.

I also posted these on TheRowdyWranglers.com site. In the Gallery.
Just look for Doll Makers photos and January 2009. Thanks

Mescalero, just smoking!