December edition 2009


Howdy folks;

Well folks this year is finally over and what a year it has been. Our final shooting match for this year was a great one put on by the Hayes clan. From all the laughs and giggles floating in the air I would have to say that everyone really had a good time. From a great match to a great potluck to a fun craft sale everyone had fun. There was also a substantial amount of funds donated to the defibulator heart fund. Thank you all for helping with the crafts made and sold and the donations to a great fund. I understand we are over the half way mark now and should have the funds for the defibulator in a few more months. There were some nice Christmas decorated bays this month as well. Here are a few photos. Thanks Sunshine Kid for the photos and captions.











A female tarantula.



Cowboys cleaning guns.




We have Merry Meg & Bo counting and protecting their faces from splash.




Rose & Miss Barah Lee in the 22 caliber shoot off.

A Presentation to Calgory Kate and Mescalero


At the shooters' meeting on Sunday, Professor Cubby Bear made a heartfelt presentation and, on behalf of Colonel Dan, read the following:

"On behalf of and in the name of the participants, organizers and sponsors of the 2009 Shootout at Givhans Ferry, South Carolina, I am exceedingly honored to present their check in the amount of $2,500 to further the troop support effort you all have so unselfishly undertaken with great love, devotion and dedication.

The patriots who gathered in South Carolina this past Veterans Day weekend generously responded to the call by opening their hearts and wallets in true cowboy fashion; expressing a spirit of pride in those who so admirably serve and an immeasurable love for this magnificent country.

Thank you for your ongoing work in sending these most welcomed packages in the name of those of us at home who miss them and pray for their safe return.

Soldier on...
Colonel Dan"





For those of you who missed this presentation you really missed the awesome feelings among all present. Word has spread far and wide about the work and support Mescalero and Calgory Kate do for our troops. I felt especially privaledged to take these photos of this monumental moment for them. Thank you again Calgory Kate and Mescalero for all that you do. It is so greatly appreciated! Doll Maker



Mescalero will be putting on the New Years match and has a message for all planning to attend.

Ring in the New Year with your pards at 5 Dogs Creek.

It's been said 2010 will be the year of the primer. While we have no idea who said that, it does seems appropriate to use some up as a way to start 2010 off right! So here's your's the 5 Dogs Creek New Year BLAM-O-RAMA !!!!!!!

Camping on the range will be available starting Thursday. Please no shooting on Thursday, as the range is officially closed. If you are coming out and have access to some firewood, please, please, please bring it along. It will get mighty cold if we run out of wood...and it's going fast.

On Friday, January 1 we will have an informal day of fun side matches. Bring lots-o-ammo! Five bays will be set up. Plans include a .22 rifle "follow the leader" stage; a Wild Bunch stage that will be shot with '97 pump shotguns and an appropriate pre-1916 handgun; a medium range rifle shoot at 100 and 150 yards; a man-on-man eliminator with your main match guns; and a can race with your main match pistols and shotgun. You can shoot these bays whenever you like and as often as you remember, bring a LOT of ammo.

For Friday you'll definitely want your main match guns. You may want root around in the back of the gun safe and give some of these a workout as well:
     Wild Bunch stage will give you the opportunity of using a "basic" Colt 1911 auto (no tricked out competition guns, please). You may also want to use a "basic" double action revolver that would have been available during the same Mexican Revolution time frame. Don't have an old Smith & Wesson revolver or a 1911? You can still shoot with your main match revolvers.
     .22 rifles were a BLAST on Saturday afternoon after our December match. Bring any old lever, pump or single shot rifle and relive your childhood. No telescopic sights, please.
     We have rifle targets at 100 and 150 here's a chance to dust off your rifle-caliber lever actions. Or your big single shot buffalo guns. Or a vintage military bolt action with lead bullet loads.


We'll get things started about 9:30 a.m. and run until about 2:30 p.m. Cost for Friday will be $10 for members and non-members. Of that $9 will go to the range owner, as always, and $1 will be contributed to the defibrillator fund.

At about 3 p.m., it's potluck time. A combo lunch/dinner...linner! Bring your "lucky" food or New Years traditions or just some great grub to share with the group. Hope everyone likes black-eyed peas!

Our regular monthly match will be January 2-3. Since we are known far and wide for our potlucks, we'll have a second one of the weekend starting at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. YUM !!!!

Some other things to note:
     If you are available on December 31 to help set-up the side matches and Saturday regular match, please contact Mescalero (
     Help will be needed Saturday afternoon to reset Bays 1-5 for Sunday main match
     After we play, there will be a brief work party on Saturday afternoon to rake the leaves off the range. Bring blowers, rakes and such. Many hands clean up leaves quickly.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday! Hope to see ya for New Years!!






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