August 2009 Edition


Howdy Folks:


Hot times were had at the ole range this month by all who were brave enough to face it. Dang, what a great match. My eyes needed darker sunglasses to face the bare legs showing, which hadn't seen the sun in who knows how long. But the extra breeze floating round sure felt wonderful to those exposed parts for sure. There was colorful attire and a few grass skirts to add a little extra flavor to the mix too. Fordyce Beals and Leia Tombstone did a great job in making this match fun and fast. Hopefully next months match will be a little cooler and as much fun as always. So bring extra ammo and that ole sun block and have a great time at the ole range.











Changes were made in the town councel members this last month.

Dirt McFearson stepped down from Mayor due to work conflict and Mad Dog Draper was elected to take his place. Sorry to see you leave Dirt, you did a fantastic job. Welcome Mad Dog Draper as Mayor of 5 Dogs Creek. We all know you have big shoes to follow but you have done such a fantastic job of Range Wrangler that we know you will do the same in this capacity. You also left big shoes to fill yourself. Hennesey Hayes was elected to fill your vacated position and now faces the same quandary. He will be facing the task of following in your footsteps and creating his own shoe size. There is no doubt that he is up to the task and rairing to get started. Welcome aboard Hennessey Hayes. We know you will do a great job.



Since the summer heat is here to stay for awhile please remember to drink plenty of liquids, especially water and stay as cool as possible. There are plenty of shade trees so please use them to keep from getting over heated. It is always a great help to get the stages done and over with if everyone jumps in and helps with the jobs that need doing and releave someone who might need to cool down. Don't be a shade hog and help out where possible. That's the cowboy way. See you on the range.



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